Monthly Archive: October 2013

Focus on the Positive


The message here is to focus on the positive. Emphasize the good and do whatever you can to promote, perpetuate and accentuate a forward-thinking, optimistic frame of mind. You may very well become one of those people who, at the end of their job search, declares that “getting fired was the best thing that ever […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Sucess


I was doing some reading this morning and I came across an article about Co-Founder of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey.  It talked about some of the Do’s and Don’ts Dorsey said  were things he does and have aided in his success. Some of them I really liked: Do: Stay present Be vulnerable Exercise everyday […]

Don’t Eat At Your Desk


I’ve gotta’ say, Fast Company has been putting out some good articles.  It’s true, many of us these days are swamped.  Eating at our desks allows us to keep working meanwhile getting the nutrition we need to power through the day, right?  Not always. Being stuck to our screens can be what is really draining […]

Conquer A New Skill


If you want to master a new skill, do it every day.  Whether you want to learn to dance or if you want to learn a new technical skill, make a point of doing it every day. “Quantity should be a higher priority than quality, because it leads to higher quality. The shorter path to […]