Monthly Archive: May 2012

More Weak Hiring Expected


The soon to be released jobs report for May is expected this Friday. It’s also expected that it will not be the ray of hope some had hoped for. Use metrics such as this to understand that while maintaining a strong, repetitious strategy for your search also means that patience will be key in knowing […]

Truth In Your Resume


Truth in resumes has been a hot topic of late — particularly, in the big corporate realm. But ensuring the accuracy of credentials doesn’t just apply to executives like former Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson, it applies to everyone.

Interview Thank You Letters


With the economy gaining momentum and college graduation season upon us, several of you will be going out on interviews over the next few months. While preparing for an interview is very important, I wanted to offer a valuable post interview etiquette tip that will leave a lasting impression – sending an interview thank you […]

How Your Work History Can Affect Your Job Hunt


As individuals change jobs more frequently in today’s economy, it is important to understand how your work history can affect your current job hunt. It used to be that working for one employer was the gold standard for a potential new hire. As this article posted by Brazen points out, working for a handful of […]

Graduates: Get Ready and Stay Ready for Your Job Search


May and June mark the return of exciting and anxious times for many college seniors. They are focused on Commencement Day, the culmination of years of study and a time when they can finally exhale. The students with jobs already lined up will breathe an even greater sigh of relief. The ones still in the […]